Maggie Hubbard // b. 1991, Chicago, IL
Hubbard has been included in various exhibitions across the Midwest from the suburbs of Chicago to multiple cities in Indiana. Now residing in Seattle, WA, Hubbard continues to work and paint within a small community of artists. Hubbard's work explores the relationship between the earthly and the spiritual by finding otherworldly characteristics in mundane objects and spaces.


Nothing I create is void of influence. Specifically, I choose to uplift the mundane aspects of my days – suburbia, complacency, grief, the middle class, monotony. These small, humble, but significant pieces of life are the foundation of my artwork. Out of these overwhelmingly plain categories I then aim to capture interesting and outstanding visual elements. I believe a new aspect of the common is revealed when I paint directly from life. By limiting the distance between seeing and creating, an honest reproduction allows the viewer to embrace whatever could be resting in the ordinary.

Humility has a beautiful and calm power that triumphs over commotion. Through addressing the significance of the ordinary I hope to pass on the realization that no object, place, or soul is insignificant.